• Bulbul

    It is indeed very helpful to know and track the sleep stages. I am going to follow the sleep cycle for sure henceforth. Thank you.

  • Sunita Deshmukh

    Very informative explaining about stages of sleep.. will surely help me in monitoring my sleep pattern.

  • Rewind Nation

    Thanks Nutrite Healthcare for this amazing product. I have been experiencing sleep issues since a couple of years due to my busy profession which involves travelling and eating at odd hours and working in the night till late hours. Never knew that sleep is so important and there are stages in which a human sleeps. I learnt that all these stages make a complete sleep.

    I have tried Sleeprite shotz for the first time and was not that happy at first because I still couldn’t sleep properly. However, post getting a guidance from your experts, I realized that one needs to go to bed after taking a shot. I was instead after drinking it, was working on my music thinking that I will be automatically sedated and go to sleep. As per your guidance I tried the product for 4 continuous times and went on my bed straightaway listening to a soothing music. I fell asleep and I slept like a baby…..I woke up as if its a new beginning for me…

    Thank you for this.. I am able to now focus on my work and in fact I feel energetic to do it.

    Dj Rewind Nation

    It did work. My sleep cycle improved

  • Vaani Devi

    Din’t knew we had stages of sleep too..very helpful article..m going to keep watch on my sleep pattern now onwards

  • Soumi

    Learnt the stages of sleep, thank you so much for your sharing.

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